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dinosaurs are fat from eating too much chocolate

I love this cartoon, but in case it’s not clear at first glance, the dinosaurs in this pic are very very fat, not just the normal Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex,…


cartoon of little girl ordering shot of chocolate in restaurant

Poor little match girl. She has no idea that most chocolate milk nowadays is SKIM milk, boo, hiss! I use 2% milk in cereal, fine. (My father had a discussion with me recently where he insisted that I switch to 1% milk from 2%, because skim is so much healthier, totally ignoring my point that I ...

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cartoon of chef on cooking show announces that he won't give the cake recipe until next week...or maybe not at all

Am I a philistine, that I've never watched a cooking show on TV? I just don't see the point, just to make my mouth water, and for what? The butterscotch cake in the cartoon is a sore point with me. Over 10 years ago I saw the cake mix in the 99 cents store (there's that ...


cartoon of 2 birds eating an ice cream cone, but it

Of course the ice cream store with 42 flavors is based on Baskin-Robbins, with their 31 flavors. (Less, if you are unfortunate enough to live near one of their smaller stores, where they don't have as many bins or selections. 🙁 ) Honestly, I sometimes pick restaurants based on whether they have a big menu. ...


easter bunny orders easter baskets to go at candy shop

Ah, the wonderful things I do, for you, my chocolate readers! My usual fun and lovely Wacom Intuos 3, on which I prepare all cartoons and art for your…

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