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cartoon of little girl ordering shot of chocolate in restaurant

Poor little match girl. She has no idea that most chocolate milk nowadays is SKIM milk, boo, hiss! I use 2% milk in cereal, fine. (My father had a discussion with me recently where he insisted that I switch to 1% milk from 2%, because skim is so much healthier, totally ignoring my point that I ...

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cartoon of chef on cooking show announces that he won't give the cake recipe until next week...or maybe not at all

Am I a philistine, that I've never watched a cooking show on TV? I just don't see the point, just to make my mouth water, and for what? The butterscotch cake in the cartoon is a sore point with me. Over 10 years ago I saw the cake mix in the 99 cents store (there's that ...


cartoon of 2 birds eating an ice cream cone, but it

Of course the ice cream store with 42 flavors is based on Baskin-Robbins, with their 31 flavors. (Less, if you are unfortunate enough to live near one of their smaller stores, where they don't have as many bins or selections. 🙁 ) Honestly, I sometimes pick restaurants based on whether they have a big menu. ...


easter bunny orders easter baskets to go at candy shop

Ah, the wonderful things I do, for you, my chocolate readers! My usual fun and lovely Wacom Intuos 3, on which I prepare all cartoons and art for your…

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woman has luxurious bath but forgot the chocolate ice cream

I don’t feel dirty, exactly, but I crave a hot bath after revisiting this cartoon. To be perfectly honest, fudge ripple is not my favorite flavor ice cream –…

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