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Sweet… a dessert blog!

I’ve been doing  restaurant cartoons for over 10 years for big and alternate papers. I especially love doing cartoons about the best part of the meal – desserts – and I also review everything that comes into my mouth, at least to myself.   However, occasionally I get fooled by seductive names on a product, or delicious photos, and buy something a second time that I really didn’t like so much the first time.   This blog will help me not make THAT mistake again.

And when I find something really great, even if  the store no longer carries it (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Trader Joe’s), even more reason to talk about it!

Vintage sign from goshoplocal.co_uk, under Creative Commons in Wiki

Chocolate Cartoons for Sale

I loved doing chocolate cartoons for my book, and I’ll be posting some of them here, of course. Just a little background: when I started to include  chocolate cartoons in my cartoon batches to editors, 15 years ago, no one else was doing them! It was quite daring, and I knew I had little chance of selling them, since most editors were men, and they bought 95% of their cartoons from male cartoonists. (And they still do!) But I felt like chocolate and food was the right niche for me, anyway. The heart wants what the heart wants.

If you want to buy any of the cartoons here, or commission any cartoons on special topics, I’d love to do some great work for you. Please contact me below.

Chocolate Art

I wanted some additional illustrations for this blog besides cartoons, and when I started to look at other chocolate and food blogs, I noticed that many food companies don’t have press photos of their food. That is so odd to me. And the ones that do have photos were so so ugly, I just couldn’t do it.

Since I’m not the amazing Wayne Thiebaud,  who does amazing paintings of cupcakes and cakes, I’m repurposing photos and using vintage art. Think of them as subtext.

Your opinions are always welcome here. Or email: chocolate cartoons  at (@) g  mail.com . Smush it.

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