Do you have a problem with Chocolate Therapy?

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy Ice Cream has a great name! I am loving my Psychology Today and PsychCentral blogs, as you know, and have even done cartoons on this very topic. (Copyright infringement from B & J on the name? – nah, these are nice guys. They’re liberal and they’re from Vermont. ),TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_.jpg


Interesting new flavor. The pint lid describes it as: Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies & Swirls of Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream. I would suspect them of padding the keyword chocolate for SEO, if it wasn’t on the hardcopy container… 🙂

But it sounds great, right?

I would love to recommend it, but this is not well executed. It has a medium dark flavor, with little annoying chocolate bits that feel like miniature chocolate chips in your mouth – I suppose those are cookies, but it does not have that softer cookietexture at all, as it’s too hard. In addition, you can’t tell where the “pudding” part is in the scoop. I even let it melt for 5 minutes (I’m usually a rock-hard ice cream gal), but nope, no pudding texture or flavor to be found.

The chocolate taste in this is nowhere near their classic flavor, Chocolate Brownie, which has satisfying bits of crumbly brownie strewn throughout.

I generally like Ben & Jerry, so my message to them is what some editors have told me: This didn’t quite work for us, but please keep trying. (which makes me never want to send anything more to that editor again, btw.)

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