What if there was just one flavor of ice cream?

cartoon of 2 birds eating an ice cream cone, but it's always vanilla flavor

Of course the ice cream store with 42 flavors is based on Baskin-Robbins, with their 31 flavors. (Less, if you are unfortunate enough to live near one of their smaller stores, where they don’t have as many bins or selections. 🙁 ) Honestly, I sometimes pick restaurants based on whether they have a big menu. Choices are important when it comes to desserts!

I never heard of Baskin-Robbins until I went to college in a small town, and they had one there. My local friends were ga-ga over it, and I vividly remember the first flavors I tried: pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip, still favorites!

They’re owned by Dunkin Donuts now, I think. Bad move, because the Baskin-Robbins near me, Burbank, (which was the headquarters Baskin-Robbins for the whole country before Dunkin’ Donuts took over) is now owned by a surly unfriendly guy, and I haven’t gone back in over a year.

I  felt in a bird mood today (many days, actually). When I lived in  more urban areas I often saw birds pecking at abandoned ice cream cones. Pigeons (rock doves are the real name) will eat almost anything. (These aren’t pigeons in the cartoon, they’re sparrows.)

I originally titled this post, “birds are too pure to see evil”. Not that chocolate is evil, of course!, but it’s certainly darker than vanilla… Taken from a quote from the Bible: Habakkuk 1:13.

Cartoon caption: 2 birds say, “Why do we always end up with vanilla? Where is the justice here?”

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