women jogging discuss the value of chocolate

The church lady made the best shortbread.

Krusteaz Bakery Style Shortbread Cookie Mix I didn’t know what shortbread was until I visited the homemade baked goods section of a church fair many years ago. They looked kind of bland, but the price was right. What a delicious discovery when I got home! Yum! I made them myself once or twice, but they didn’t taste as good as the church lady’s. Isn’t that the truth, when someone else…

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Difference between men and women at the movies.

This is one of my most famous cartoons evah! Been published a lot of places, including in my chocolate book, of course. Fess up, there’s a lot of time to think secret thoughts in the dark of a movie theater. Oh yeah, I review popcorn, too. But not today. 🙂 More dessert? Trader Joe’s still has this one in stock. Dark is what’s for dinner.

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Chocolate warning.

What goodies are in that bowl? Is it just me that feels this way about communal goodies? Obviously not, as the lady in the black dress also feels the same way. I’ll be honest, I miss working in an office with others. At least a couple of days a month. There was always someone, much nicer than me, who brought in handmade, restaurant or even bagged desserts or candy every…

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