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Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake Review

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake – for when you run out of Pepperidge Farm cookies- or maybe not My favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie is the Double Milano. The dark, slightly bitter chocolate filling really goes nicely with the bland white cookie. (Although it would be better if it was shortbread. 🙂 ) I haven’t bought any of their cakes in years, but when I saw this one on sale in…

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Don’t call me negative, call Ralphs.

Ralphs Private Selection 1001 Chocolate Chip Cake. Described as: Rich white cake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing Have you ever had white cake with melt in your mouth chocolate flakes or specks before? So good! This wasn’t that. I don’t like writing negative reviews. I prefer to ignore bad things, just as I do in real life. Hope it goes away.  But this cake annoyed me. More dessert? Passive-aggressive…

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What do you get when you stick your thumb in a pie?

Something EVERY store should copy from Trader Joe’s is their free sample of the day. I can’t tell you how many foods I never would have tried, or even noticed, if I didn’t greedily pass by the freebies, try one and then buy the whole shebang. This is how I tried Trader Joe’s Ultimate Berry Pie. Otherwise, why take a chance? 🙂 I’m not a pie person. I think it’s…

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