How to make sure no one steals your pancakes

Trader Joe’s Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes Reviewed

Trader Joe’s Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes make you feel like a giant. Yup, these are fairly small, just like the picture. Maybe the size of a silver dollar, if that – I haven’t seen one of those recently, though, have you? Maybe the TJ crew has spent a lot of time in abandoned mines in California, however, and found some. These pancakes taste better than most grocery chain pancakes or…

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All About Home Baking Hardback 1933

My Grandma’s of New England Coffee Cake any time of day

My Grandma’s of New England Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake Review I’m not a big fan of coffee cake, but this was on the half-price one day old rack at Ralphs, so I gave it a shot.  Good and fresh! The box says, Includes Reusable Freezer Bag, but I also put it in a bigger freezer bag. (I bag all baked goods in the refrigerator.) It was soft and moist over…

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Healthy muffins, don’t do me any favors.

I’m not going to tell you my favorite Ralph’s store because it’s already competitive enough. Busy. I’m talking about the Reduced Item section in the back. Now, I think all or most Ralph’s stores have a sale cart or reduced corner tucked away somewhere, but this one keeps me occupied for a full 5 to 10 minutes, looking for goodies. I’ve found very reduced plants, (some of which last for…

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