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My Grandma’s of New England Coffee Cake any time of day

My Grandma’s of New England Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake Review I’m not a big fan of coffee cake, but this was on the half-price one day old rack at Ralphs, so I gave it a shot.  Good and fresh! The box says, Includes Reusable Freezer Bag, but I also put it in a bigger freezer bag. (I bag all baked goods in the refrigerator.) It was soft and moist over…

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Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix Review

Trader Joe’s Brownie Mix I won’t keep you in suspense: Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix makes a very good brownie. My friend Candy is a gourmet cook, and swears by this as a brownie you could make for guests at a nice dinner party, and not feel like you slighted anyone, at least on the dessert. I like it very much, too, but not quite as much as she does….

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new restaurant serves only desserts

New! Haagen-Dazs goes all-American: Peanut Butter.

New Limited Edition ice cream from Haagen-Dazs: Peanut Butter Pie Ice Cream! Haagen-Dazs describes this as a favorite family recipe (who cares?) with ribbons of peanut butter and chocolate cookie pieces (crust) folded into a base of peanut butter ice cream. Yes, that’s double peanut butter for ya. No wonder my breath smells like peanut butter after a round of it! I don’t like real peanut butter, or peanuts, but…

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