Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Chocolate Crumb Pretzels Review.

Kim and Scotts Pretzels
Perhaps not the most appetizing photo of Kim & Scotts prezels

Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Chocolate Crumb Pretzels are ok, but not good enough. I love most soft pretzels, as a Philly girl might be expected to (although the street pretzels are still WAY the best). I found these on sale at Gelson’s. It is okay if you pretend it’s a chocolate cookie, and it has a fun melty filling that stays liquid when you take it out from the microwave, so the overall texture is fine. But the chocolate flavor isn’t good enough, sort of chalky. And it’s not a pretzel at ALL. (Note: salt does not enhance a cookie. Someone better at baking than I might know why.)

These are okay if you’re hungry for just something sweet. But they cost $6, so not a good deal, and doesn’t satisfy the soft pretzel urge. They have other interesting-sounding varieties, and the Grilled Cheese or the Pizza Pretzel¬†might be worth a try. But they’re not chocolate, are they…../rhetorical

I can’t find if they even still make the chocolate variety, so I’m not sure whether to use my convenient coffin for discontinued foods. I guess I won’t this time.




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