Krusteaz Lemon Bars Supreme Mix Reviewed

Krusteaz Lemon Bars Supreme Mix – D!

The box claims, Easy to Make. But we all know lemon bars have 2 layers, right? The crust and the more liquid lemon filling. Not that hard, but you have to partially bake the crust first, and then add the filling.

canary and lemons
My canary appreciates Meyer Lemons!

The box was easy to mix, and smelled pleasant while cooking, but I guess this is a case of really needing fresh lemons, to make lemon bars. Because these were the worst lemon bars I’ve ever had, with a decided chemical acid taste.

What others are saying

Krusteaz Lemon Bars Mix
even amazon has ’em!

Amazon has some really harsh reviews, even worse than mine! This is one of the more polite ones:

Following the directions (his wife) made a batch of these lemon bars to be given to her Bible Study group. Luckily she always has me taste things first , because sinus issues have reduced her ability to smell somewhat. I am not fussy-but these bars were seriously nasty with a distinct metallic taste. We trashed the lot. We are disappointed in Krusteaz , not just for having a bad batch- but for ignoring numerous negative reviews on the product that date back over a year. (Discovered after the fact).

Dramakitchen claims to have gotten rave reviews for her recipe with this. Hmmm. Roseburgirl also says she’s gotten rave reviews. It must be something going around with certain bloggers.

Threw out both the Shortbread and the Lemon Bars, after a few attempts to enjoy them.

I have nothing more to add.

And this is why I cheer myself up with cartoons, my friends.