A Dark Note.

first cartoon in chocolate cartoon blog!
first cartoon in chocolate cartoon blog!

EDITED: When I started this blog, I called it Dark. I still love that title, but I’m not always dark. Plus SEO, you know?
I’ve done cartoons on chocolate from the very beginning of my cartoon career, even before chocolate became acceptable, healthy, and quirky, instead of some shameful vice I had to hide. (Or was that just my family? :)) I even sent them to the New Yorker!

So I had a nice stash of cartoons on chocolate, and eventually I pitched them to some publishers. However, once I counted them, there were only about 30 or 40. And I needed 120 cartoons for the book, which is a fat hardback! I stretched the definition of “chocolate” to mean anything sweet, but I still needed more cartoons. That meant a cake plate of new cartoons I had to do.

This is one I did under the high pressure-cooker deadline of the new book, but  it turned to be one of my favorites. I like the simplicity of the solid black and white, no shading, and all the details. Plus, drawing little miniature versions of all these dark delicacies, nice.

I’m thinking I should make a T-shirt for Cafe Press with this on it. (I wouldn’t mind being married to this man, as a sidenote.)

In any case, because a book can’t contain my interest, obsession and fascination with everything chocolate, this blog begins.


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