New! Denali® Triple Chocolate Moose Tracks® Ice Cream Bars Review

Denali® Triple Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream Bars are odd

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I’ve always been impressed that this company respects chocolate enough to register their name – Denali® moose tracks! And of course these moose tracks tm  are in tons of other ice cream brands, all properly attributed. A great example of branding, registered, and copyright. I love them. Period.

Actually, looking more closely, it appears that only the word Denali®  is registered. Probably the copyright office wouldn’t allow a real object like moose tracks to be registered or trademarked. Still, I see the 3 words in many ice cream products, so it still works. And looking even more closely, turns out I didn’t see that moose tracks® is also registered, though not capitalized. Confusing!

These ice cream bars, which just appeared on the Von’s ice cream shelf, are described as: Chocolate ice cream with Moose Tracks Fudge and chunks covered in Moose Tracks fudge coating.

ice cream sundae with holes in it
ice cream sundae with holes in it, photoshopped, looks like the holes in these bars. Not bad, but definitely odd.

But these bars aren’t the best way to use this chocolate product. In ice cream, or even in ice milk, the exciting part of eating them is getting to this thick ribbon of semi-hard Denali ™ buried deep within. And sometimes it’s at the bottom! I’m a prospector!

Mechanical problems and meltdown

In these new ice cream bars, it looks like Denali® has inserted 3 different ribbons of moose tracks. And the ribbons are not snug to the ice cream, so there are pockets of air all through the bar. This makes for an interesting texture on the tongue, but it also makes the bar rather fragile. Hunks of both the outer coating and bits inside fell off soon after unwrapping each of the 3 bars.

On the plus side, the flavor of the outer couverture, which they call Moose Tracks Fudge Coating (it’s not fudge-y) was a little sharp, but also good. The base ice cream was okay, and the ribbons were good, but didn’t taste like the usual Denali tracks to me.

I think this would be much improved with just one ribbon of Moose Tracks in each bar. That’s what Haagen-Dazs does with their Caramel bars, and it doesn’t seem to hurt their sales.

Try, try again, Denali®. And I volunteer to be a taste tester.

What others are saying

Daddywaddyweeviews (yes, there is a site called that, and Denali even gave them free ice cream to try) said his kids really liked them.

Couldn’t find any more “reviews.” They’re that new!