Sara Lee, go back in the kitchen and make new cupcakes!

Open letter to Sara Lee about Sara Lee Chocolate Creme Cupcakes

Dear Sara,

There was a time when I think I lived on your baked goods.  Sara Lee Chocolate Iced Brownies (frozen) were a staple, and I ate them frozen, by golly! I also gobbled Sara Lee Cheesecake (chocolate, preferably) and I think it was you who made one of the best frozen treats I’ve ever had: brownies and ice cream together with chocolate couverture in an ice cream bar — which I only had ONE BOX of, darn it, when I found it in a Trader’s for some reason. Why you discontinued (killed)  that one, I’ll never know.

But these Chocolate Creme Cupcakes (which you spelled Crème, for some odd French reason) are not worthy of your esteemed name!

The packaging is fine. Like many bakeries, you were quick to capitalize on Hostess’s filing for bankruptcy, trying to grab that iconic brand placement. Instead of the squiggly curly white icing on top, you went with stripes. Okay, the preppie look works for me. You kept the shot of the insides, showing the white cream. And the red box is great.

from 1934 Hershey's booklet
vintage hershey’s cocoa tin from 1934












But…they have no taste at all. None. They are dry, and worthless as food. Fast food baked goods are allowed to have taste, you know: Devil Dogs, Hostess, Yodels, and especially all the

varieties of Tastykakes…they all have distinctly different tastes, including the fillings. (I just read that Drake’s Devil Dogs & Yodels are now owned by Hostess…)

So it’s possible to make tasty snack cakes, Sara. I know you love spending time in the kitchen, so won’t you please go back in there and come out with something worthy of your quality name?



What others are saying

I was surprised to see this on Amazon. Reviews are mixed, but not very good. The Night Owl Mama thought they were so very good that she gives them to her kids, and had a giveaway of them. 🙂

I found some other mommy bloggers who did the same thing. Maybe they’re right and I’m wrong.  {you know that couldn’t possibly be true…}

Extra: The luscious tin of Hershey’s cocoa above is an illustration from an old cooking pamphlet called Hershey’s Index Recipe Book, which I am fortunate enough to own. Dig those 1930’s colors!

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