Ciao Bella Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Squares

I’ve written about Ciao Bella’s tart yet tasty Key Lime Pie ice cream sandwiches before, so I was excited to try these Sea Salt Caramel ones. Quick summary: Ciao Bella makes very good ice cream sandwiches! painted ice creams in coneI  looked up sea salt to compare it with table salt, and the first result is the Mayo Clinic! Do some people believe the purpose of using sea salt is actually for health reasons, and not pop culture? :)\ Mind-boggling. The clinic  goes on to say table salt is from mines, and sea salt is from the ocean. (But I’m pretty sure the underground mines are originally from the ocean, too. So…Salt is from the salty ocean.  Good to know.)

Most table salt also has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

Oh, my. So table salt is healthier than sea salt! The NYTimes food blog says almost the same thing. They link to a more in-depth article about how important iodine, or iodide is to your thyroid. (ie, losing weight!)
All this being said, I don’t think dairies and bakeries and confectioners are thinking health when they throw sea salt into the ingredients of all these desserts. Nor am I. And I think it’s a little overdone in all these desserts, don’t you? Anyway, Ciao Bella describes the ice cream bars as “sweet and salty and decadent.” The wafers in the sandwich part are chocolate, and the ice cream/gelato has swirls of caramel and chocolate in caramel colored ice cream. As with the Key Lime Pie, they are very good at composing the balance of dry cookie wafer, and creamy ice cream to make a bite that doesn’t leave you either thirsty or hungry at the end. That’s tricky to do! Giao bella sea salt caramel ice cream sandwichesThe ice cream is just slightly complex tasting with the different swirls in it – very interesting. Definitely recommended.

What others are saying

The So Good blog is very positive, but points out that the ice cream square has a lot of calories. (Calories in ice cream? I’m so confused! ) But a commenter there says it’s low-calorie. What’s an eater to think? The Ice Cream Informant gives it an A.

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