Safeway Select Iced Mocha Latte — fight, fight, coffee fight!


Cold drinks taste better in a glass. Does anyone remember when coke and other sodas (pop, soft drinks) came in  bottles? I don’t like anything carbonated except champagne, but I was so envious of friends who got to hold and suck  those cold glass embossed bottles and look cool at parties!

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino
Starbucks as king

I’m a Starbucks fan of anything cold and sweet in the shop, but really it’s just Frappuccinos. 🙂 However,  the coffee drinks I have at home in the fridge are the Starbucks watered down Frappuccinos found in the grocery stores. No, they’re not “chocolatey”, as Starbucks claims, but they are cold and refreshing in the morning. The first sip is a celebration, the second is good enough.

The heartless capitalist b-word in me is always pleased to see competition, even against my favorite brands, so when I spied a 6-pack of Safeway Select Iced Mocha Latte bottles right next to the Starbucks ones, at a lower price, I grabbed it. Bottled coffee fight in Aisle 16!

Safeway describes this Latte as a “creamy blend of premium coffee and milk.” I describe it as a huge faux pas. When you run against the bulls, you gotta be your best! This is good marketing… to get customers to run back to Starbucks, that is.

Now, I want to be fair — I’m not a coffee nut. So maybe a latte is supposed to be different from a Frappuccino. But  they’re both in little bottles and say mocha, so what’s a girl to think? The Safeway Latte is too thin, bitter, boring. I would have returned them, but what a pain to carry all those bottles back to the store!

The classics are classic for a reason.

vintage coffee shop
Retro coffee shop sign with penquin from Amazon.

That Amazon sign.

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