Klondike’s version of an ice cream sandwich.

Ooh, not much good to say on this one, sorry, Klondike.

First of all, the name?  Please. What the Fudge Brownie. Trying to be hip by using a swear word doesn’t work with square ice cream patties. (get the joke?!) Off-color language is not appetizing.  Also, annoying that Klondike drops the plural just because they feel like it. There are 4 in a box, so it’s not Brownie, it’s Brownies.

brownies my way
brownies my way

There is enough ice cream as an ingredient for it to qualify for the ice cream label, not just frozen dessert or whatever they call non-ice cream products. Which is vanilla flavored in this case, with 2 cardboard brown soft crackers on top and bottom (which they call brownies), and some chocolate goo in the middle.

Nothing worked for me in this one. I’m thrifty, and I give things a chance, so I ate 3, but the last one is still sitting in my freezer somewhere, and will probably succumb to freezer burn.

Wow, On Second Scoop likes them! That surprises me. They mention a similar idea from Snickers, that I’ve never seen out here: Snickers Ice Cream Brownies. I’d like to try them!

Sorry, I can’t find a non-copyrighted pic, and I’m too lazy to look for another, but Brand Eating has some over here. I’ll stick with my imaginary brownies, thanks!

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