Healthy muffins, don’t do me any favors.

I’m not going to tell you my favorite Ralph’s store because it’s already competitive enough. Busy.

I’m talking about the Reduced Item section in the back. Now, I think all or most Ralph’s stores have a sale cart or reduced corner tucked away somewhere, but this one keeps me occupied for a full 5 to 10 minutes, looking for goodies. I’ve found very reduced plants, (some of which last for years!), sunscreen (I’m a fanatic, and Neutrogena is great for not making my eyes or contacts water), tea, cake mixes, little stuffed animals for when I’m feeling in need of a hug, and of course, glorious food. Baked goods of all kinds, all half price. Huge platters. Really good 3 layer cakes they make there. Etc.

baking powder biscuits from vintage Swansdown cookbook. Dig that plate!
baking powder biscuits from vintage Swans Down cookbook. Dig that plate!

So anyway, it was a bad night for finding my usual finds, and I had to try something, so I picked Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins by Fabe’s Bakery, which is local, the label says, in Salinas CA. Fabe’s sounds like fave, so that was a good start. The label has a pic of an older lady and says it’s naturally sweetened, and moist and irresistible.


Dry, grainy, possibly oily. Maybe it’s too healthy for me, maybe not. The tongue knows.

Ralph’s can be really annoying when returning items, so I just tossed them once I found them still in the fridge a month later.

The Vegan Mouse says Fabe’s cake was horrible, too. 🙁 Very sad, because vegetarians deserve dessert, too! Fabe’s, keep trying!

Photo adapted from Bake Like a Champion, Swans Down Flour, 1936

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