Ciao Bella Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares Review

Ciao Bella Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares

Um, the title looks like a random word game. That someone lost.

The actual description is tasty ice cream sandwiches, with the perfect balance of tart key lime ice cream and sweet wafer cookies. The wet and dry of the ice cream and pastry is very hard to equalize; usually the cookie part makes you feel a little thirsty, but not this time. Nicely done, Ciao Bella! I’d call them Lime Graham ice cream sandwiches, made by Ciao Bella.

The first time I tried a real Key Lime Pie I was actually visiting the Key Islands in Florida, right after college, and was pretty impressed by their famed dessert. In fact, it might have been the first time I’d ever tasted a lime! Any Key lime pies I tasted afterward were disappointing,  jello-type wannabes.

This lime ice cream really comes through with the flavor, and there are tiny specks of graham cracker in the ice cream, too. Not only that, but the crusts themselves are also tasty and thick. Sort of like a small meal! I don’t know how the crusts would taste separately – concoctions like this are MEANT to meld, after all – but the graham sweeter crust and the ice cream are really a great combo. Cream is the 2nd ingredient in the ice cream 🙂 and the box says it also has real lime juice.

I’m surprised that Whole Foods highlights them; it’s not exclusive with them, and I bought them at Vons. Customers at the Ciao Bella blog also seem to enjoy them. On Second Scoop says he had to put whipped cream on it to enjoy it, however. Scoopalicious is another fan. We all scream for lime ice cream.

This is one of the very rare actual product images that I’m including. I like the color lime green. 🙂



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