I usually go for Italians…

but not this time.

I was excited to try Talenti Gelato, because it came in a plastic pint ice cream container instead of coated cardboard. That meant something special, right? Okay, the color was a rather bad mint green, but not enough to complain about.

spinach timbales from vintage Wear-ever cook book
Here’s something else green I really don’t want to eat: Spinach Timbales.  Mother, help me.


And also the gelato thing sounded good – haven’t had that in a while. And the title was great: Sicilian Pistachio! Romantic, exotic, possibly mafioso, in a smooth green way…yum!

But  it was not to be. Texture was grainy, NOT like gelato. Nuts were tiny, unimpressive. And flavor just blah. I didn’t finish it.

The ingredients are nice and simple: milk, sugar, cream, powdered milk, pistachios, dextrose, vanilla, guar gum.

Sorry it didn’t work out, fella, but I’m moving on.

PS. This is another ice cream maker who won’t allow pictures to be copied from their site. I understand it from a photographer’s or artist’s point of view, TRUST me, and I fight copyright infringement all the time, but this is a product. Don’t they want people to share it?

Picture  from Wear-Ever new Method of Cooking, 1934.

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