Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Orange Review.

I hadn’t bought the traditional chocolate orange for a few years, but had a craving for it last Christmas. I did the usual – broke the chocolate apart by banging the top on the counter – but I didn’t look at the box until after my first slice, when I thought, hmm, this is better than usual. I bought it at Trader Joes, and thought it was the original Terry’s Chocolate Orange ( which they did sell one year)  but this one was Trader Joe’s house brand, Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Orange. It’s better than the original!

oh, the chocolate, the cream, the red raspberries, oh my -adapted from Sunset Magazine


The Trader Joe’s version still has that great combo of orange and chocolate, but the chocolate isn’t as sour – it tastes more refreshing, with less of an aftertaste. Maybe it’s not quite as sweet, so you don’t feel funny afterwards, either. The box is also quite attractive, with a woodblock-like drawing of orange trees, so it’s all good.

Actually, the original original chocolate orange is now made by Kraft, and also sold under the Tobler name, (which I’ve seen in previous years.) It’s an acquired taste we can all remember from the holidays, I’m sure, but I’m not going back to the original, I’m going forward to the future. If  Trader Joe’s will keep this version in stock, and we all know that’s a crap shoot.

Amazon carries the Terry’s Chocolate version, and customers gave them 5 stars.


*Trader Joe’s has recently updated their splash page, I see. I suspect it’s WordPress, but can’t prove it. It’s fun, and is a good casual companion look to their newsletter/sales flyer. However, as before, it’s useless if you want to look up a product, so I am not impressed, TJ.

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