How to wear ice cream on your head.

Let’s talk about something I haven’t eaten, but think I’d like to!

I’ve seen a couple versions of this outrageous ice cream cone hat before, but this is the best one! And by reading the page at, I found out it’s called the Cadbury Flake 99 hat. Obviously I know Cadbury, but the rest of the name…!?? And wouldn’t flakes plural be a better description than one flake?

cadbury ice cream cone hat for ascot
cadbury ice cream cone hat for ascot

Turns out Flake 99 is the brand name of an ice cream by Fredericks in the UK. That immediately tells me I’ll never get to taste this exotic ice cream unless I travel across the wide wide sea.

In 2008 the company was named the Most Innovative Ice Cream company in the World and received The Grocer award for the Top Launch in Ice Cream.

Fredericks Ice Cream is a business forged by pioneers – the company developed the Mars Bar Ice Cream in 1988, reinvented the iconic Flake 99 in 1999 and created the World’s first wobbly lolly…

I could use some translation here…

But anyway, we can all enjoy the delightful hat! And at least part of it is edible. I guess Ascot’s Ladies Day is similar to the Kentucky Derby. Ladies on both sides of the Atlantic, I would appreciate more food-themed hats, please.

And God willing, maybe I can try Flake 99 ice cream one day.



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