Underage drinking is A-okay with chocolate.

cartoon of little girl ordering shot of chocolate in restaurant
Little girl orders shot of chocolate drink in restaurant

Poor little match girl. She has no idea that most chocolate milk nowadays is SKIM milk, boo, hiss!

I use 2% milk in cereal, fine. (My father had a discussion with me recently where he insisted that I switch to 1% milk from 2%, because skim is so much healthier, totally ignoring my point that I eat full-fat ice cream at every opportunity!)

But  2% chocolate milk (or chocolate skim milk) is going too far. I won’t compromise. And for this reason, I haven’t had any chocolate milk for many years, even though it used to be one of my favorite things ever. In one coal city back east, where dairies knew how to do it right, there were 3 different brands of chocolate milk at the store. My friend insisted that I do a taste test of all 3, and of course I passed. :).

But here’s what’s even sadder: Clover Dairies Chocolate Milk

I found a delicious brand of chocolate milk, right here in LA this year, and it’s disappeared. I had only 2 cartons of that milk, that’s it. It was in Whole Foods, Clover Dairies. You can see right here, no chocolate milk listed now! It was really really good, too, nice flavor, color, texture.

Drink Responsibly

I like the excellent design on the Clover products — look at those fonts! And good colors. The best milk carton around. But dairies aren’t really as happy as the picture, are they…

Cows give milk only after they give birth. The calves are removed from their mother within a couple of days — so sad. Ever wonder what happens to all those calves? Much sadder. Tragic.

So drink milk in moderation. Please.

Caption: little girl in restaurant  with her parents orders milk like wine, with a shot of something stronger: I’ll have the house milk, please, with a shot of chocolate. You can see more restaurant cartoons in my weekly feature for newspapers, Daily Special.

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