Chocolate cats are better than black cats.

cartoon of chocolate kitty litter
cartoon of chocolate kitty litter

For some reason, cat cartoons are very popular. The smell of kitty litter really isn’t. But the smell of chocolate is, so it all works out in the end.

I remember feeling so pleased when I thought of this cartoon for my chocolate book! This cartoon is also very New Yorker Style. These women live in Manhattan, probably. I want her purse.

Cats are very hard to color or put wash on, btw. With a black cat or darker color, all the details of the whiskers, eyes, etc can get lost, but these somehow survived.

Woman tells friend: Oh my, it smells wonderful in here, Iris. Chocolate scented kitty litter?

PS, When I wrote this cartoon, it seemed funny enough at the time. (The smell of chocolate beating the smell of cat litter works for me!)  But looking around, I just discovered that there is an actual  kitty litter cake. Ugh! Here’s another Kitty Litter Cake. And they have closeups, along with every detail there!

Weird. Who wants to spend all that time assembling such an ugly idea, anyway?

Cat lovers are crazy.

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