Which is better, sweet or salty?

I think you know my answer: both.

Actually, the real name on this box of chocolate-covered pretzels is “little brown pretzels covered in milk chocolate” without even the Bloomie’s name attached! All in their famous lower-case “little brown bag” font – (part Bauhaus font, they claim.)

Bloomingdale’s Chocolate-covered Pretzels are sold only at Christmas. Which means I buy them only at the half-off Christmas sale the day after, along with their chocolate-covered potato chips and other goodies.

These Bloomingdales pretzels are a different bakery than ones they’ve sold bloomingdale's little brown bag in plastic - I prefer the paper!in the other years, (even though the shop-keeper told me they were the same), and rather disappointing. They come in a long tan box, about the right size if you still buy long women’s gloves (!) and even though they’re called little brown pretzels, they are medium sized, flattish rather than round, and are packaged 2 to a cellophane bag, with only 10 bags in the box. Kind of chintzy!

But the real problem is not enough salt on the pretzels; this negates the whole concept, since the burst of satisfaction comes from theĀ  mixing of the sweet chocolate and salty pretzel. There’s no snap here. In addition, the chocolate is just middle of the road, certainly not luxury chocolate. Bloomie’s, I think we both missed out.

I finished them, but unhappy.

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