Passive-aggressive cooks.

cartoon of chef on cooking show announces that he won't give the cake recipe until next week...or maybe not at allAm I a philistine, that I’ve never watched a cooking show on TV? I just don’t see the point, just to make my mouth water, and for what?

The butterscotch cake in the cartoon is a sore point with me. Over 10 years ago I saw the cake mix in the 99 cents store (there’s that store again), tried it, and it was unbelievably good. I made it for someone as a birthday cake, and everyone raved. (With chocolate ganache frosting. OMG.)  I can’t remember if it was Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker, but I think it was DH.

BUT, then of course, the death knoll of the 99 cents store, they discontinued it. Could not find it anywhere. Had my friends casing 99 cents stores in different parts of the city, yes.

So, sad. And it makes perfect sense that this TV chef is so passive-aggressive that he won’t give the recipe out today, or maybe not ever!

Cartoon caption: We’re out of time again, so I’ll give you my recipe for Worlds Best Butterscotch Cake next week. Maybe.

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