Trader Joe’s, did you test drive these frozen foods?

I don’t know if Trader Joe’s truly understands their market. For instance, their Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Souffles. Wha? How many of the youngun’s even know what a souffle is!?

The problem with souffles

You have to cook them. Not on a cookie sheet, in muffin tins. First off, I couldn’t find my muffin tins, even though I have 2. (Neither of them  is Teflon, which, btw, is lethal for birds, so what is it doing to humans?) So I just put them on a cookie tin and they collapsed all over the place! Ug-ly. And it tasted like pumpkin pudding, not very good; I ended up throwing them out. But I had bought 2 boxes, because they were like .89 on sale! So I tried it again, this time in the muffin tin.

chocolate coffin with dead chocolates from
chocolate coffin with dead chocolates from

No, I just didn’t like the texture. It felt weird in my mouth. That’s the other thing about souffles: most people rarely eat them, so it’s hard to know what to expect! Unfortunate, for me, because pumpkin is my favorite flavor next to chocolate.

I just recently discovered this blog about Trader Joe’s, and they also reviewed these pumpkin souffles. The writer had to look up the word souffle in the dictionary! In fact, he writes several paragraphs trying to define it. Then he starts writing about pumpkin ice cream. Hmm. In the end, he didn’t like them, either.

NOTE TO TRADER JOE’S: No one has muffin tins except for baking types, and no one except east coast types and people who took French has much interest in them. (That being said, we took French! My friend Barbara and I made a cheese souffle at 12, all excited about something so exotic. It was…interesting. )

Trader Joe’s Journey to the Center of the Cookie – not worth the trip

And something new from TJ I just saw for the first time this month == Trader Joe’s Journey to the Center of the Cookie : Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust with Molten Chocolate Magma. Yes, that is the actual title of this product. The box has an attractive picture of a very large cookie thingy with chocolate oozing out of it.

I thought twice about buying these, as there are only 2 to a package. (Aargh!!!) But it reminded me of one of my favorite desserts when I go to visit my friend Diane in Sherman Oaks, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie at Stanley’s, so I went for it.

Not even.

The directions say you can heat it in the microwave, so of course I did. It said to wrap it in a paper towel, when I usually use Saran Wrap, but I did  it their way. The cookie part is sweet, but not as good as  a fresh cookie, not at all. And the chocolate is not good chocolate. Also, there is no molten part – the chocolate just sits there. Cook it longer, you say? But I couldn’t, because, and here’s the worst part:  the bottom of the cookie was rock hard! Not frozen, just rocky inedible. Okay, I ate all of it except the bottom.

A couple of days later I made the 2nd cookie, but this time I covered it in Saran Wrap; same thing, bottom of cookie is too hard to eat.

And they’re too small, must add that.

So Trader Joe’s got both the muffin tin and the microwave wrong for how to cook these desserts. Trader Joe’s kitchen cookware must be different from mine.

Here is TJ’s Fearless Flyer description of the cookies. What’s Good at Trader Joe’s feels differently about these cookies, and loved them. (But what do you expect, with a blog name like that!)

photo of chocolate coffin from They should have linked to correct source.


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