Chocolate Cream Pie, oh boy.

Depends on their mood, I think. I’ve bought Whole Foods‘ Chocolate Cream Pie a couple of times, but the crust could be better. In fact, all pies would be better if they made them with butter instead of lard or shortening (this is a Barstow fact). Crusts made from graham crackers or cookies are also yummy, and not just for home ec, people! (This pie is made in house, in the Whole Foods Bakery, so it’s not like they don’t have a choice.)

life isn't just food! I collect chocolate things, and bought this chocolate pencil at one of the first chocolate fairs in Los Angeles. It says it is chocolate scented, and it was, a little bit, at the time!

Up until a few years ago, every store-bought pie had a crust made with shortening, of course. So I ate pumpkin pie or cream pie without the crust, in silent protest. For the last few years bakeries use a butter crust from time to time, and so pies have become more appealing to me!

The chocolate filling in this pie has a couple of layers.  It’s kind of like pudding, with a layer underneath that sort of separates and is more liquidy. Once the whole top of the pie actually slid out of the crust into the box! They were professional enough to give me a refund on that one.

chocolate cream pie from whole foods

It’s a good enough filling, but what makes it better is that they use real whipped cream on top, and if you ask nicely at the counter, they’ll put extra whipped cream on top for $1 more. It’s worth it!

I guess I would give it 4 out of 5. Work on the crust, guys.

Photo from Hannah S on yelp. Btw, I think they skimp on the whipped cream at the Glendale Whole Foods, as it doesn’t look near as good as hers does.

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