Chocolate Easter bunny cartoon!

easter bunny orders easter baskets to go at candy shop
easter bunny orders easter baskets to go at candy shop

Ah, the wonderful things I do, for you, my chocolate readers! My usual fun and lovely Wacom Intuos 3, on which I prepare all cartoons and art for your enjoyment, almost ruined me today when the updated driver did NOT carry over all my special shortcuts and settings, so I had to fudge (ha!) some of the changes. But here it is, my Good Friday and Friday the 13th cartoon, all rolled up into one.

True, this rabbit is not chocolate, he’s a scary red-eyed terrorist, but there are chocolates are in front of him. Cartoon caption: Easter bunny says to saleslady in candy store: Can I have several million baskets to go, no questions asked? This is part of my restaurant and food feature, Daily Special,  that I do for several newspapers.

PS. If this cartoon has a big sign on it, telling you to get full-size, it means Google has stolen it, like they steal everything they scrape. Sorry.

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