I get salty about Haagen Dazs.

I found Haagen Dazs Reserve with Salty Caramel ice cream on sale at Gelson’s for $4. (I only buy pints when they’re on sale.)  What’s with the Reserve and Rare line, Haagen Dazs? Their reserve lines cost more, and I don’t like it.

Haagen Dazs describes their Fleur de sel Caramel as having sea salt on some kind of special candies in the ice cream. I liked the texture, and it’s good, but nothing special, and not worth the extra dollar.

NeedCoffee.com liked it better than I did, although they thought it was too sweet. (What does “too sweet” mean? :))

brownies, our favorite go-to
I have been craving brownies for a week now. It will never end until I make some.

Okay, I admit, Haagen Dazs is on my annoyed list, because they had this one flavor last year, Belgian Chocolate, that was completely unique, and utterly addicting. It had a simple chocolate base, but with flakes of chocolate inside (Belgian, I presume) that literally melted on your tongue. I have never before nor since had ice cream with this experience.

Now, it’s easy to make warm chocolate chip cookies that have melted chocolate, but to have a type of chocolate that melts in your mouth WHILE SURROUNDED WITH COLD ICE CREAM? Wowzie! But it was a Limited edition, and even though I wrote to them 3 times, they gave vague nothing answers, and I never found it more than twice. (If you have found a stash, let me know!)

*Updated. After I wrote the review of Fleur de sel Caramel, I found myself craving it again later! You know what it is? The salt. It’s why a chocolate covered pretzel is so good – the combination of sweet and salty. The tongue thanks you. So this is a mixed no/yes review.  But I still miss Belgian Chocolate [/pout].

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