An imperfect bubble bath.

woman has luxurious bath but forgot the chocolate ice cream
woman has the perfect bath - book, candles (remember Nicole before OJ murdered her?), bubbles, but forgot a little somethin' somethin'

I don’t feel dirty, exactly, but I crave a hot bath after revisiting this cartoon.

To be perfectly honest, fudge ripple is not my favorite flavor ice cream — if there is such a brand with this old name — but I guess I was thinking about the rippling waves in the water. 🙂 What is very true is that something sweet heightens your senses in every situation.

Ooh, strange. I was thinking how this is sort of philosophical – whether to accept the zen moment or go get the ice cream she thinks she needs – and then I remembered the company philosophy, which has kick-ass design on its packaging, and really cool names. Sure enough, they have chocolate lemon funnel cake and classic fudge cake, both bubble baths! And neither one of which I have. 🙁

Cartoon: Woman lies in bubble bath with candles and fluffy towels and good book, but forgets the fudge ripple – the perfect storm for Purgatory. (wondering if you should get up, or accept the imperfect moment)

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