Bloomies has a ball with these potato chips.

I’ve bought these Bloomingdales Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Crisps from Bloomies on and off for several years…but only at the after-Christmas half-price sale, of course! (It’s my excuse to look at the more expensive stuff in the store, or that’s what I tell myself.)

Or I should say, when I can find the potato chips. Last year they only had one cannister left. This year they had more, but I had self-control, and only bought one.

Chocolate is color blind - pic from Wiki, Creative Commons
Chocolate is color blind - pic from Wiki, Creative Commons

I asked the sales person if this was the same recipe as last year, and she assured me it was.  I’m not sure if she’s right. In any case, this year I had the same reaction as last year: glad to know Bloomies knows the importance of chocolate-covered potato chips, and sells them, but these aren’t the best, le sigh. I did finish them, and they are tasty, but maybe it’s good I only see them once a year.

The chocolate is okay to good, nothing that stands out.  They’re not ridged like normal chips, but all the exact same shape and stacked like Pringles claims. (?) (I don’t eat regular potato chips, so I don’t know.) I just noticed while examining the tennis ball – shaped can they come in, that they are called crisps, not chips. So I look at the ingredients and they are made of dried potatoes! Not as juicy or greasy as normal chips, and that’s why. Also, not as good. But they do have the exact right proportion of salt to the sweetness of chocolate, and this is very important in chocolate covered snacks like this, so I give it thumbs up.

Amazing what you find on Google: Examiner says they ARE Pringles! And that a chocolate company called Bedre makes them. I love to find out secrets.

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