Opposing Forces.

woman in cartoon says that it's evil to offer fast food (ice cream) after going to the gym

I used to go to the gym regularly. You, too?

So that stopped. I’m not a total slug — I still work out occasionally — but I don’t have that regular place, “my” place.  But I did make various food stops afterwards. Usually I craved carbs – and garlic!- more than sweets, though.

LA has very few ice cream haunts, anyway, and that makes me sad. And surprised! Hello, the weather here?! We had Ert’s for Desserts a few years ago – I used to go with my boyfriend, and they made homemade ice cream! Delish. But it folded, and nothing has taken its place for homemade ice cream. I’ve heard good things about Mashti Malone’s, in West Hollywood, but haven’t been there.

Back east, ice cream is appreciated for the culinary dessert it is. Frozen custard on the boardwalk, Bassett’s Ice Cream at the Reading Terminal, ma and pa stores. Have heard of Rita’s Custard, but don’t think I’ve ever tried it…

Must stop, getting hungry, and no time to go to the gym.

If you’re up for experimenting, this doesn’t sound half bad!:

East Bay brothers use almond milk to make ice cream alternative (mercurynews.com)

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