Trader Joe’s still has this one in stock.


New popcorn from Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil. Well, new to me, and that’s what counts. I’ve been wanting to try popcorn made with olive oil for a while, ever since I noticed it last Christmas as one of the 4 flavors in their TV Christmas/holiday popcorn tub. Unfortunately, missed that one, so when I noticed they had olive oil popcorn in bags now, I grabbed one.

This is a keeper. I’m sure we’re paying extra for the organic popcorn — I mean, organic popcorn kernels, really? — and I don’t know if that is taste-able, but the olive oil adds a really nice new flavor to the popcorn – not too sweet, not too odd. I think it should have a little more olive oil in the mix to add moistness and be perfect, but it’s still well worth it.


snowcake altered
snow cake, because I saw real snow last month

Look for the lime green bags!

The Daily Balance says she’s addicted to the stuff! Actually, I didn’t even look at the ingredients until she pointed it out: only 3,  popcorn, olive oil, and sea salt. I’m not into counting ingredients, but that is pretty impressive. One of the commenters there said Dr. Oz recommended this popcorn! Another comment is even more fascinating:

It’s also very filling, I drink alot of water and my nonfat latte’s , one light meal and almost 1 bag of this popcorn per day and I’ve lost WEIGHT! Awesome!!!!

Ah, the old popcorn diet trick.

Still another comment there said she couldn’t find it at Krogers, and asks where can she  buy Trader Joe’s popcorn? Well, no one promised that you’d get smarter once you found the internet.


I spoke too soon: Trader Joe’s is OUT of this popcorn, at least in the Silver Lake store. We have the busiest TJ store in the nation, and also the worst. Today they were out of: most berries, almost all bread, half the baked goods,  frozen salmon, and of course the popcorn. And those were only the items I was looking for – I’m sure they failed in other areas as well. It’s sort of like the slums here: Trader Joe’s (and the great Gelson’s) are the only stores in this upscale area, so Trader Joe’s gouges us by selling only the dregs. More on this later.


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