Have some respect, Whole Foods!

Whole Foods 365 Organic Chocolate Ice Cream Bars dipped in Chocolate. Long name, but it doesn’t need it. Best of all chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Not as musky as Dove, not as middle of the road as Haagen-Daz – this is real chocolate in the coating and the chocolate inside doesn’t compete, it enhances.

I contacted the PR person at the store to get a picture of the ice cream – which isn’t on their website – and the rep replied that they have over 2000 “365” products up, (and I like most of the 365 foods) but not this. Now I see why so many chocolate and food product bloggers take their own photos – food sellers don’t make them public! She never got back to me, so I’ve drawn my own.

whole foods ice cream bar
whole foods ice cream bar

I was delighted to see the price, too: $2.50 for 3 bars! A deal at the usually overpriced Whole Foods, especially for their dessert case.

Only the price¬†went up. Their prices on bakery and ice cream go up about twice a year, I’ve noticed – I won’t put up with it, I won’t. Last I checked on these they were $3.49. Still below the other guys in price, SOME of the time,¬† but I don’t like to be dissed, so I’m sulking in the corner unless and until these go on sale. And I’ve never seen them on sale. So I don’t buy them anymore.

Still, they are the best. Sigh.

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