Best ice cream of 2010.

I first reviewed this in my cartoon blog in my Donna Does Desserts category, but it’s still true!!

I warn you, this is very pricey, at an outrageous $4.99 a pint! (on sale at Gelson’s which is the only store that has it that I know of.) Normal people shouldn’t have to pay this much. But I decided to splurge one evening last year, and now that I know it’s the best, I keep watching for sales.

Greek Gods Honey Pomegranate Pagoto Ice Krema.

Greek Gods says:

In the 4th century BC, it was well known that a favorite treat of Alexander the Great was snow ice mixed with honey and nectar.

Okay…well-known??? How much Greek and Latin are we supposed to know?

Photo of ice cream cones from Fancy Flours. Nope, nothing to do with Greek Gods.

Pomegranate juice is a well-known antioxidant, however. I don’t think everyone knows how great honey is, though; it was used to cover wounds in the battlefield during WW 1, before antibiotics were invented. I myself remember clearly that when I was 8, I was so sick, lying on the couch while the grownups played cards, and my grandmother’s friends made me honey toast. I wasn’t even hungry, but I ate it and got well within the hour. Really. (I collect honey cookbooks and booklets, but I think it’s hard to bake with – it doesn’t have the same binding qualities as sugar, or some technical cooking thingie.)

So anyway, this pomegranate/honey ice cream is good for you, as well as being good on your tongue.

This ice cream also contains mastic:

People in the Mediterranean region have used mastic as a medicine for gastrointestinal ailments for several thousand years.

Chowhound isn’t as crazy as I am about it, and says:

We also tried the Honey Pomegranate flavor, which is not as impressive: the flavoring is much more subtle and mainly the honey comes through.

Fools! Subtle is underrated. With cold food it’s more difficult to get the subtler flavors to come through when your tongue might not be as sensitive, and thank you to those who try. You can actually smell the honey, too! It’s a great mauvy color – will have to try in Photoshop.

May I have some MORE, please? /Oliver Twist.

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