How to make guilty honey toast.

I have a bad carbon footprint for making toast.

On the other hand, I switched from white bread to grainy or dark bread years ago, so that part is good. For me, that is. (I like bagels and English muffins  and crumpets to be grainy, too!)

I like bread hot and cooked, but I don’t like toasters. Too slow.

Or toaster ovens. (What is the point of them again? I think I’m going to toss mine.)

Microwave is fast, but where’s the slightly burnt/toasted edges?

That leaves my big electric stove. That’s right,¬† just to make toast, I turn it all the way up to broil, slice the bread and put it down on a piece of tin foil, wait 30 sec, turn it over and put some butter on so it melts just right, and Bob’s your uncle!

Honey is optional, along with the guilt. Trader Joe’s had some EXCELLENT honey, with honeycomb, called Honey with Comb, until a month ago. That’s right, right when I needed to get more, they’ve tossed it. Typical TJ, who are really not reliable if you like food.

And I thought Buster Brown only made shoes! Buster Brown Breadphoto through Flickr Creative Commons Photographs by Derek Farr (Detroit Derek). Thanks Derek!

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