Baking chocolate – it’s big, baby.

It comes in hunks. Slabs. It smells up the whole bag you carry it in, and you want to keep sniffing it.

Baking chocolate is when quality really counts. But unless you bake two similar items, at the same time, using different chocolates – and I’m not a scientist – it’s a little hard to compare them.

is this how you cut up baking chocolate?
is this how you cut up baking chocolate?

I can’t remember the details, but I bought a 10 pounder at Trader Joes a couple of years ago and it was okay, not great. Great price, but TJ is always great on price, just mediocre on desserts.

I was given a big bar of baking chocolate at the Western Foodservice Convention one year (unfortunately not this year – I don’t think they even had a booth this year :() and that was one of my favorite freebies that year! I hated to start cutting it up – I felt richer just having it in my cupboard! I didn’t have a blog then, so I can’t remember the name, but I’m pretty sure it began with S. Scharffen Berger? I just don’t remember, but it made extraordinary icings and brownies. Amazon has some rave reviews for their cocoa: Scharffen Berger (Scharffenberger) Natural Cocoa Powder in a cute tin. Next time I’ll take notes.

The movie, Fatal Attraction, is kind of old now, but passion isn’t.

And an ice pick is the only way I know how to cut up baking chocolate. Is there another way? I rarely find chocolate chunk cookies store bought that taste right, but I’m still looking.

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