Combine chocolate and caramel…

and you’ve got my full attention. At the California Restaurant Association Show here recently, I picked up a Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel bar. It has a very glammed up but attractive photo on the gold box. Nicely designed. The milk chocolate is a little sweeter than usual, but works well with the  tangier taste of the caramel. The caramel’s a nice texture, too, all fluid and melty. Thumbs up.

Ghirardelli sweetnessOf course, you can find Ghirardelli at any grocery store or drugstore. I’ve bought these cute little squares in Staples – on sale! And weird – now Amazon sells it.  Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling, 5.32-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) In case you have 6 different occasions for it, I suppose.

They have some reviews on Amazon, too. I liked this one:

I have always been partial to a chocolate combo with caramel.
Ghirardelli makes a good product and the individual wee bars are nice. I put mine in the fridge at this time of the year. Great price today (when I bought)

Cadbury has a bar called Caramilk. The chocolate is excellent but the caramel not my favourite.


Real Simple just did a taste test and rated this the best chocolate-caramel bar. I didn’t read all of the chocolate categories. You can make a category for anything, I guess, but that doesn’t sound very simple to me.

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