Apr 23 2014

Safeway Select Iced Mocha Latte — fight, fight, coffee fight!


Cold drinks taste better in a glass. Does anyone remember when coke and other sodas (pop, soft drinks) came in  bottles? I don’t like anything carbonated except champagne, but I was so envious of friends who got to hold and suck  those cold glass embossed bottles and look cool at parties!

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks as king

I’m a Starbucks fan of anything cold and sweet in the shop, but really it’s just Frappuccinos. :) However,  the coffee drinks I have at home in the fridge are the Starbucks watered down Frappuccinos found in the grocery stores. No, they’re not “chocolatey”, as Starbucks claims, but they are cold and refreshing in the morning. The first sip is a celebration, the second is good enough.

The heartless capitalist b-word in me is always pleased to see competition, even against my favorite brands, so when I spied a 6-pack of Safeway Select Iced Mocha Latte bottles right next to the Starbucks ones, at a lower price, I grabbed it. Bottled coffee fight in Aisle 16! Continue reading

Aug 5 2013

Klondike’s version of an ice cream sandwich.

Ooh, not much good to say on this one, sorry, Klondike.

First of all, the name?  Please. What the Fudge Brownie. Trying to be hip by using a swear word doesn’t work with square ice cream patties. (get the joke?!) Off-color language is not appetizing.  Also, annoying that Klondike drops the plural just because they feel like it. There are 4 in a box, so it’s not Brownie, it’s Brownies.

brownies my way
brownies my way

There is enough ice cream as an ingredient for it to qualify for the ice cream label, not just frozen dessert or whatever they call non-ice cream products. Which is vanilla flavored in this case, with 2 cardboard brown soft crackers on top and bottom (which they call brownies), and some chocolate goo in the middle.

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Jul 26 2013

Difference between men and women at the movies.

date night with movie and popcorn

This is one of my most famous cartoons evah! Been published a lot of places, including in my chocolate book, of course.

Fess up, there’s a lot of time to think secret thoughts in the dark of a movie theater.

Oh yeah, I review popcorn, too. But not today. :)

Jul 24 2013

I wimped out and picked vanilla. Don’t hate me.

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. The subtitle of this blog is Chocolate, and not-Vanilla. And yet I bought Vanilla this time!! yes.

I’m talking about Vaniglia Vanilla Bean Gelato, which I found at Gelsons. Gelson’s is an upscale supermarket across the street from the ultra-popular Trader Joe’s, and yet it does very well. (for one thing, they’re open til midnight, so yay!) They also have a very tasteful, astute buyer for ice creams, and get the newest ice creams before anyone else on the block.

could be chocolate chip, could be vanilla with vanilla bean specks

this could be chocolate chip, could be vanilla with vanilla bean specks

Why did I choose vanilla, when chocolate was right in my face? Because I have been disappointed in the past with gelato or sorbet, when it’s just a frozen chocolate water concoction. If I wanted that, I’d save my upscale dollars, and just buy Fudgesicles. So I looked at the ingredients, and sure enough, didn’t see much cream in the chocolate version. What I did see in the Vanilla flavor was egg yolks. I am always excited if I can find anything resembling custard ice cream (like I used to buy at the boardwalk), so the game was on!

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