Jul 18 2014

The church lady made the best shortbread.

women jogging discuss the value of chocolate

Or at least add chocolate to his shortbread!

Krusteaz Bakery Style Shortbread Cookie Mix

I didn’t know what shortbread was until I visited the homemade baked goods section of a church fair many years ago. They looked kind of bland, but the price was right. What a delicious discovery when I got home! Yum!

krusteaz shortbread

Krusteaz is still a nice name for cookies

I made them myself once or twice, but they didn’t taste as good as the church lady’s. Isn’t that the truth, when someone else cooks, it tastes SO much better? Or is that just me?

Basically, shortbread, sometimes called Scottish Shortbread, is just butter, sugar and flour, with a little vanilla optional. They’re not complicated. (A shortbread recipe I recently found also has chopped chocolate, from the Food Network, and it looks like it’s worth trying!)

So how could a box of cookie mix with these limited ingredients be bad, hmmm? But it was. The cookies were the blandest bland ever, not buttery, and hard as a stone to bite, to boot. Ugh.

I like the brand name of Krusteaz, and their packaging, and I’ve tried other boxed mixes from them that I liked, so I was very disappointed.

What others are saying

Interesting, (fake) Amazon reviewers just loo0ved them! TastyKitchen has a recipe for them, with other brand names, so it maybe  sponsored (by Krusteaz), but they’re not saying.

Preview hint: It might not get better…wait until I finish the review of their Lemon Bars Mix.


Jul 11 2014

Trader Joe’s Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes Reviewed

Trader Joe’s Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes make you feel like a giant.

Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes

Trader Joe’s tiny pancakes.

Yup, these are fairly small, just like the picture. Maybe the size of a silver dollar, if that – I haven’t seen one of those recently, though, have you? Maybe the TJ crew has spent a lot of time in abandoned mines in California, however, and found some.

These pancakes taste better than most grocery chain pancakes or waffles, and have a good freezer life, even when you’ve opened the box a couple of times.

I’m not way into organic, but of course, that’s also a plus. There are practically no eggs in these: they’re listed almost last in ingredients, thus, no cholesterol listed. I like eggs, however, and they would add some protein.

Still, pretty good pancakes for a hurry-up snack – just pop them in the microwave and add your fave toppings.

What others are saying

Someone else seems to enjoy them, too, or at least enjoy writing about them and taking photos. Obsessed with Food says she also likes them because you can not only cook them fast, but EAT them fast. :)

In the freezer section.

How to make sure no one steals your pancakes

How to make sure no one steals your pancakes – brand ‘em, cowboy! From a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook for kids to make!

I like to post a cartoon  here on Fridays, and I have a pancake cartoon I like a lot, but I couldn’t resist showing the “branded” pancakes in this vintage Betty Crocker cookbook, Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls, 1957.

I also included the Eggs in a Frame,  because I love eggs, too, and these look like a Home Ec class, don’t they?

Jul 9 2014

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake Review

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake – for when you run out of Pepperidge Farm cookies- or maybe not

My favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie is the Double Milano. The dark, slightly bitter chocolate filling really goes nicely with the bland white cookie. (Although it would be better if it was shortbread. :) )

hershey's index recipe book

Illustration from Hershey’s Index Recipe Book, 1934. It looks like some kind of geometry optical illusion, doesn’t it?

I haven’t bought any of their cakes in years, but when I saw this one on sale in Gelson’s I took a chance.

They describe it as: “chocolate buttercream and crumbled cookies”. The vanilla cake has a nice texture and flavor, and Pepperidge Frarm is generous with their frosting, as usual, slathered on the top, in the layers, and on the sides.

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